Frequently asked questions

Q: Can you play music we choose?
A: Yes we are more than happy for you to supply a play list via our online music planner.

Q: Do you have spare equipment?
A: Yes we always have spare equipment to ensure the music can continue

Q: Can you ensure people will dance?
A: Unfortunately we try our best, but could never guarantee this.

Q: Can we use the microphone?
A: Yes you can, we have a radio microphone you can use if requested when booking.

Q: Do you have insurance?
A: Yes we have full public liability insurance.

Q: Are you happy to work along side a band we have booked?
A: Yes, we are more than happy to work along side a band.

Q: Do you supply the lighting too?
A: Yes the disco will come with all modern lighting.

Q: How many wall plugs do you require?
A: We can operate from 1 x13 amp wall socket..

Q: Will you play beyond the time we originally booked you for?
A: Yes, but within reason..

Q: Do you price match?
A: As a rule, we do not price match. Due to the sheer amount of 'bedroom' DJs and part time operations posing as mobile DJ companies, to get into a price war would ultimately limit the professional service we can provide to you

Q: Where can I get a song list?
A: When your booking is confirmed with us, we will send you a link to the music list

Q: Can I make requests on the night?
A: We attempt to accommodate all music requests on the night

Q: How long does it take to set up a mobile disco A: We like to allow a minimum of 1 hour to set up and 45 minutes to pack away the disco, this is dependent on ease of access.

Q: What style of music can you play?
A: Over the years we have played every style of music, From 50s/60s, Ska, Punk, R&B, Hip Hop, Bhangra, Pop music, disco, glam, Dance music Reggae. We have a wide music selection that can be tailored to your own preferences.

A light-hearted look at some of the top tips we can offer to anyone looking to book a mobile disco for their party.

The Venue

Try to allow the disco to be set up in a space large enough to accommodate the equipment and DJ.
Trust me it can be really difficult working when you are told to set up in an area the size of a postage stamp.

Keep it together
Try to book a venue where the bar is in the same room as the disco, having them separate can make it more difficult to keep your guests together and create the party atmosphere.

Make sure the area you plan to put the dj has power, it can prove awkward having no sound!

Sound Limiters! Check with the venue, do they have any? These can be a nightmare for djs, we spend more time looking at the sound limiter than concentrating on the dance floor.
Some even cut the power just from the noise of your guests. Trust me this has happened!

Please remember the disco equipment is bulky and heavy, try not to park in front of the doors where the dj needs to gain access.

Food & Drink

If you would like the DJ to help themselves to the buffet during the evening, please try to let them know before they start and not after they finish.
Can be tough working on an empty stomach.

Please try to keep drinks off the dancefloor and above all try not to use our speakers as a conveniently located table.
If you do feel the need then please expect a mention over the mic from the dj.

Free Bar
If you have a free bar, please don’t tell the dj. Can you imagine the pain knowing this and not being able to help consume any?

The Disco

Sound Level
The very nature of our job means we are hard of hearing, so if it gets too loud, just come and whisper (shout loudly) in our ear, we can set to volume to a desired level.

We strongly encourage as much dad dancing as possible. We always try to include a party session for those that have rehearsed tirelessly dance moves to the Macarena and Saturday Night Fever.

Smoke Machines
Smoke machines can be used. The mobile dj loves them, they make the disco lights look like something from the set of Strictly Come Dancing.
The only issue however is that they tend to set off, you guessed it, smoke alarms!
So please consult the venue in advance.
Nothing worse for a mobile dj than having a hotel of 200 guests evacuated and a fire crew dousing the disco with water.

We use lighting suitable for most guests.
Strobe lights can cause some discomfort to certain guests.
In view of this and in that Strobe lighting is “so 80s” we won’t supply or use them.
Lady’s, relax, we won’t use UV lighting either.

We have full public liability insurance. This is required by all the venues we work at.
Although we take great care to keep you all safe, we do require guests to be responsible too.
Holding drinks over our mixers, using the speaker poles for pole dancing and trying to take control from the dj goes beyond what we can do to keep you safe.

It can be very tempting to see a microphone and feel the urge to grab it and give the guests a rendition of your favourite Oasis song.
However we prefer to keep the mic for special announcements or instructions as dictated by the host of the party.

Mobile Disco Price
When making an enquiry for a mobile disco, try to provide as much information as possible.
This will include times, date, venue location and type of party. Wedding, Birthday, Office, or teens event.
When we receive emails asking for a price to hire a mobile disco that simply say, “best price for a disco, not sorted date yet, but somewhere local”.
It is very difficult to give an accurate quote.


Help the dj, we want to play music you like, so get those requests in nice and early to allow them to be played at a suitable time in the evening.
Never ceases to amaze me how many requests we get in the last 5 minutes.
Try to remember the song artist or song title. Despite djs having a broad knowledge of a wide genre, sometimes humming or whistling the tune can be testing for any mobile dj.

One Last Song
On most occasions we will always try to play that one last song.
However, you must understand that sometimes the venue is very strict and don’t always allow the dj to play beyond the hours their music licence permits.
So please don’t harass the dj if they say it is the end, they need to work at the venue again and need a good relationship with the venue owners.

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