Mixer & speaker gains avoid clipping

So many djs and mobile discos will find they have clipping amps and speakers(active) at some point.
This is what i do to avoid ever having them clip while performing at my events.

Using my Denon MC6000.
Firstly, with my main gain output turned fully off, i.e no sound/signal getting to amp or speakers.
I then play a song with a good beat and bass, gradually turn up the channel gain until you get near or on -10db with fader fully up.

Now you have the channel gain set correct.
Secondly turn the main gain up until that too reaches about -10db.
This should now be your fixed max gain on the main output gain and left alone.

So no matter where the channel slider is, half way up, fully up you can't exceed the -10db you have set.
Lastly play with amp gains and speaker gains until they just clip, turn back slightly, and now you will never clip in a live show as you have set all your gains so that this can't happen.
db levels may differ on your mixers, amps, speakers, but the principle is the same.

DJ Controllers

Dj controllers get one button used more often than others, namely the play button.
If you find one not responding while working at a function, the quickest fix is to go into your digital dj software and reassign the button.
This will solve the problem temporarily, and you can look at a more permanent fix after the gig.

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